Thursday, March 20, 2003

I exist in the crossroads of humanity.

I live at a time where I am untouched by war and yet I see it all around me. I am surrounded by depressing misery and yet I am able to laugh and go to sleep at night.

How am I so unaffected by all of this that I can feel empathy one minute and apathy the next? Shouldn't I be so mad that I'm out in the streets doing something instead of being in here and writing about this time in my life?

I hate this war. I hate that my family will suffer because of one man's inability to admit that he was fallibale - that he was human. Mortal. Just like me. And mortality includes times when you must suffer and be weak. I hate the fact that when this is over he will still be protected and his family will be safe while people who couldn't afford this war in the first place will be suffering. I hate that most of all. I hate him because he took the choice away from me.


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