Saturday, March 29, 2003

Horoscopes are crap and this proves it. This was in the Manila Standard yesterday:

Libra: You long to renew a relationship but view responsibilities with caution. This state of affairs tends to sabotage your love life. Give romance another chance. Aquarius plays a part.


I'm at work, blogging when I should be working (again). I'm not really sure if I even qualify as someone who has a horoscope since I was born on the cusp. But I laways read mine because it never matches the crap that's going on in my life anyway, but that one yesterday just made me suck in my breath. I wonder if he even thinks of me because that's all I do at night - think of him. I've given up hoping. Basta, all I know is that there is no space left for me in his life. And that is what will kill me....

Ended up texting all night with my BFF, Roxanne (WTF, I'm twenty-freakin'-five and I still use that acronym) because her mom is Satan's successor. I hate her her mom. Roxy's freakin' amazing and she doesn't deserve that harpy. I hope Roxy gets to be dirty, rotten, filthy, stinkin' rich and her mom swallows her tongue.

I hate feeling envious by the way. I hate the feeling inspred by that most famous of all muses - the green-eyed monster.

I dreamt about Tricia's hunny. We were sitting next to each other and we were talking. I was speaking in taglish, but I think he understood me. He showed me his wallet and I opened it and saw that it was full of photos of fans - in my dream I found it strange that it was full of photos of people from my high school. But when woke up, all I remembered was that the wallet he handed me was pink. I woke up and the first thing I yelled was "GET HIM OUT OF MY SUBCONSCIOUS!!!!".

There are still more feelings, but it's still in one big knot....I'm unraveling myself later.

[mood] craving.
[mental turntable] Black Black Heart by David Usher

Because I'm a Van Gogh fan....

the Which van gogh painting are you? quiz by bethany

....but I wanted to be Starry Night.

PS. I changed my template about a dozen times today. Blogger better come up with more because I change my mind a lot. I like blue......


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