Monday, December 30, 2002

This is it.

Finally got myself some space in this cyber-reality. Got myself a virtual-diary. Oh come on, don't be so dismissive. This is what these things are. If I know, kayo din naghahanap ng lakas ng loob para gumawa ng ganito. Tama na yang kaartehan nyo. If you, like, think that I'm seeeew pathetic that I, like, have to broadcast my emotions to the madla, do me a favor. Go offline. Find a book and make yourself more literate. The earth will thank you, and who knows? You could pass yourself off as something more than a half-wit.

Where was I? Oh yes, my virtual diary. I spend more than 10 hours online and I figure that this is much safer way of venting. Better a program than my boss. Less chance of getting fired. I need the money. Those shoes don't geow on trees, you know. They don't come cheap. Note to self: remember to write down forays into shoe retail....

I promise to TRY to not be too melodramatic. The operative word is try. I will TRY.


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